Weathered with time!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered   Weathered things have a charm of their own... They are often nostalgic -  bring back memories, have stories to tell and are difficult to part with... Have a great day!

I just wanted to do nothing!

Over the last two months I've been busy relocating into a new house... So much of planning, designing, executing, re-executing, monitoring etc went into it! At times happy, many a times unhappy when things didn't go as per plan! But the enthusiasm of the new home kept me going on... Finally it was time to... Continue Reading →

Look, whose having a ball!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Bright Colors  One Word Sunday - Movement Friday Foto Fun – Framed I'm sure the seals are not having a ball.... These creatures undergo rigorous training on daily basis to acquire the perfection, that they display! A great show to watch at Safari World - Bangkok. Have a great day!  

Little drops of water…

For the photo challenge from Jenn at Traveling at Wits End: Drops of Water Inspired by the proverb - A little water is a sea to an ant. (Afghan proverb) And a tsunami for the spider! I'm not a professional photographer but just a nature lover, who draws a lot of inspiration from nature around. I value... Continue Reading →

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