Hmm…life is like a cactus!

Life is like a cactus - thorny yet beautiful!  Soak up the sun, stay sharp, be patient in dry spells, stand tall & blossom bright... Have a bright weekend! Inspired by Debbie's - THOUSAND SUNS AND A BLUE SKY Posted for -  #SixWordSaturday 

Only way out!

Which Way Challenge: October 11, 2018 The girl in black, decides to stride past the still waters, hoping not to invade it's tranquil stillness -  at 'Parliament Hill' Ottawa. Happy striding!  

Which way up?

Which Way Challenge: October 4, 2018 Punakha Dzong Three staircases running parallel - Which Way Challenge... P.S. - The center one is reserved for the 'King'. Bhutan -'The Happy Country' - Spreading Happiness...

On a hot summer morning…

A Photo a Week Challenge –Water  September Squares To each his own or anyway you like it... do whatever you are passionate about! Even just lazing out on the beach, or letting the waves kiss your toes is pure magic... Water enthralls all - no wonder it's the elixir of life! Not pink from any angle,... Continue Reading →

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