Adapting to new norms…

Travel Challenge #1/10 This year Toronto is under lockdown for now! So we are avoiding crowded places. Meeting family and friends as per the norms set by the city, taking all possible precautions like using masks and frequent sanitisation. I was nominated by Teresa from  to post one favorite travel picture a day for ten days... Continue Reading →

Kinda in the way!

Inspired by Becky's Kinda like a chimney, this picture came to my mind.On taking a closer look, realised that there is a chimney in the picture! I think the house with the chimney is kinda in the way of the beautiful building behind... I clicked this at Gananoque to capture the beautiful details on the... Continue Reading →

From Muskoka!

House by the lake at Muskoka and the popular Muskoka chairs found everywhere in Muskoka! A lovely place for a weekend getaway! Have a great day... P.S. This is my first attempt at using the image compare slider - hope I've incorporated it properly... Posted for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: words with letters... Continue Reading →

The changing colours…

In my backyard - adding to the beauty! Lost in the colours! Preparing to blend with the snow... Mr Squirrel is turning grey too! In the backdrop of the fall leaves... View after the rains... Jay adding to the joy! Definitely many a reasons to smile... enjoy the outdoors and the colours while it lasts!... Continue Reading →

Look what I found…

Perched on the top for Becky's #SquareTops Spotted this when I was walking atop the bridge that links the North Building and the South Building at 'The Toronto Convention Centre'. Have a beautiful day!

When you hear the pilot say…

it's a clear, bright and warm day at Toronto and alight to a view like this.... Actually, I've been busy with the relocating process and haven't been able to blog regularly! My sincere apologies for that and hoping to catch up soon... My hubby's job has bought us to this beautiful city of Toronto. The... Continue Reading →

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