I will always keep you warm…

For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: View From the Side A cuppa to keep you warm n brighten your spirits .... Have a great day! Yes it's a SWS Also a part of Friday Fun – warm

It’s party time!

December Squares Loved the 'Par- tea' going on here! At my daughter's college... The 'par-tea' reminded me of 'The Mad Hatter tea party' from the books of the school days... Don't see any connection though... Here's the The Mad Hatter tea party Have a great time!!

Pink Tea! – Butter tea from Bhutan.

Had this tasty 'Pink Tea' at Simply Bhutan , an interactive 'living' heritage museum. Here The 'Pink Tea' also known as 'Suja' was served in Bhutanese traditional style - loved it.   Was actually pink! Couldn't get a great capture though - was busy enjoying the yak milk "pink tea"  usually served with flattened grain crispies. Only the... Continue Reading →

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