Let peace prevail over the spikiness!

#SpikySquare - 31 And for Six Word Saturday The transit hub forms part of the major redevelopment of the World Trade Center site in Downtown Manhattan, which was devastated in the 9/11 terrorist attacks of 2001. The buildings are arranged around a memorial to those who died in the attacks, which comprises two giant square waterfalls... Continue Reading →

Jubilant Spikes!

For the penultimate spiky square... Feeling jubilant with these bright n peppy spikes! As we are finishing a month of spiky ride, I must admit that the Spiky Squares were a lot  more exciting than these roller coaster rides! I have been high on 'spike hunt' the whole month through... Thank's Becky for being such... Continue Reading →

Spiky all the way!

#SpikySquare - 28 I clicked this somewhere in Europe almost a decade ago! Cannot recollect where and what it depicts! Mr Google is also lost like me... Sharing the full image below. If any body out here knows about this please share the info... Thanks 😊 But I'm sure it fits in Spiky Squares! Have... Continue Reading →

I’m spiky too!

#SpikySquares - 20 Eat strawberries and other bright colored fruits whenever you can... They're a rich source of antioxidants. They support the immune system. They may help with blood sugar regulation. They may have antimicrobial effects. They may improve heart health. They can help with weight management. Have a healthy life...

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