The brighter side of life…

Trying to make the best of every situation! Birthday celebrations in the neighbourhood - strictly following the city rules during the pandemic! Lawn parties, keeping in mind the social distancing norms seems to be the new trend and a safe option too! Isn't this a bright idea! Have a wonderful weekend! Posted for  BRIGHTSQUARE

I’ve been kinda busy…

Two of a kind! Kinda safe - with SD in place... Sorry friends, I've been kinda busy over the last few days. I was attending full day classes with the Red Cross for my SFA and CPR/AED certification. Was a very interesting and useful course. Now I'm kinda more confident of handling medical emergencies... I... Continue Reading →

People don’t seem to get the message…

Or they just don't care enough! The everyday into the unusual - seems to be an apt description for the present Covid times! Follow the norms strictly - It's for our safety! Take care - Stay Safe! Posted for The Cosmic Photo Challenge - The everyday into the unusual.

Social distancing is here to stay!

A new way of life... Better to be safe than sorry! All the numbers seem to be deceiving. We humans can't stay in isolation but are definitely wise enough to socialise in a responsible way. Party in small numbers, preferably outdoors...  Stay safe, stay happy! Posted for SQUAREPERSPECTIVES - 22

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