All over you…

Kinda me! I love this selfie of mine in which my shadow has wrapped my love... just happened accidently and realised it long after, when I was scrolling through the pictures! Have a lovely day! Posted for something of a kind -7

Shopping with norms…

Stores are doing their best to follow the Covid norms and to keep their customers safe during the pandemic. Masks, sanitisation, markings on the floors plus sanitizing the fitting rooms and billing counters after every use seems to be the new norm! They also have a seperate area marked, to leave the products that we... Continue Reading →

The pressure to document every experience!

As status updates!!   In the era of social media - face book, Instagram, twitter, tumblr... Stand tall! Dare to be different.  Enjoy the experience of whatever you do without the pressure of updates! The world need not know everything!! Have a great day! Posted for SixWordSaturday

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