Art by the ocean…

For Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stone Stone art using pebbles for head, abdomen, legs and tail! All for sale... at San Diego. Have a great day!

All dressed up…

For Beck's Blues -  July Squares! If you are blue, just dress up and step out.... it can do wonders to your mood! Have a great day...  

Happiness is ….

  a vase full of roses from your backyard! 😍 and you don't need a boyfriend to give you one... 😐😜 - also when the garden is in full bloom! A Photo a Week Challenge: Flower Have a bright n beautiful day!  

My love for you is evergreen!

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #50 – Trees Trees add to the beauty of any frame. With or without leaves, they always add a charm in any kind of light... Yes! My love for you is evergreen... A SWS for Debbie's! Plant a plant today - for our tomorrow!... Continue Reading →

A different view…

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: View From the Side Every side offers a new perspective...Try viewing situations from all possible perspectives... Have a great day!

The green way!

Which Way Challenge: April 11, 2019 And for #ThursdayTreeLove – 61 Go Green Go Cycling – The idea of going green is a way not only to help protect the environment but also to benefit your health and your wallet. Riding your bicycle protects the environment by removing another pollution producing and traffic congestion-causing vehicle from... Continue Reading →

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