The naked truth…

Friday Follies Ep 1.10 🤣🤣🤣  

Painting the town red – At Las Vegas!

October Photo Challenge – Scarlet 'The Strip' at Las Vegas is always "scarlet with neon" in most places... Painting the town red! That's what we do at at Las Vegas! Picture clicked this summer at Vegas 😍 Loving it - October Photo Challenge – Scarlet At 'The Strip' you'll love this!  

A difficult way out!

Which Way Challenge: September 27, 2018 Lots (steps) to tackle each time you go in n out! The above pictures were clicked en-route, while trekking to Tiger's Nest - Bhutan. It was a very difficult terrain to trek - somehow managed to reach Tiger's Nest! Loved the Prayer Flags on the way! Carry on... ❤

Phew! Such a relief…

The above picture was clicked by me, en-route trek to Tiger's Nest.. Taktsang (commonly known as Tiger's Nest), seen in the picture,  high up in the mountains, is one of the most sacred sites in Bhutan and a place you must visit when you visit Bhutan. It is also one of the most challenging monasteries... Continue Reading →

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