Let your light shine…

Candles on the top #SquareTops Feeling on top of the world on Easter day! May this season bring you an abundance of hope, joy and love. Happy Easter!  

Reach out!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hands Reach out and stay blessed... Believe in the power of prayer! Also for One Word Sunday - Power    

The ultimate connection!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Connections Make time to connect! Connect with friends, family, colleagues, people in the neighborhood and most importantly connect with God! Stay connected! Have a great day...

The countdown begins…

Christmas in the air #timesquare Have a great time with your loved ones! Just in case, if any of you is lonely and missing your family - plan to make your day special...connect with the people who matter to you! Make the best use of technology n stay connected with the ones you love! Happy times!... Continue Reading →

Time at St. Peter’s Basilica!

Inspired by the clocks in Becky's post #timesquare The top of the facade of St. Peter's Basilica has two clocks but show different time! The top of the facade of St. Peter's Basilica has two clocks and several sculptures. The clocks were created to replace Bernini's bell towers which had to be torn down due to... Continue Reading →

Believe in the power of prayer…

For Six Word Saturday The power of prayer is universal... People in all parts of the world pray in different ways, in different places - to each his own. Let's make time and thank God for all the little blessings in our life... Happy weekend!

Would you like to live in the mountains?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (CFFC) - Places People Live Civilization around the  Paro Taktsang. - at a height of about 3100 meters. Mostly comprising of the people working or worshiping there and a few tourists. A difficult terrain, steep climb and isolated from the rest of the township. A difficult life indeed! More about Paro Taktsang, Bhutan.

Together for Thanksgiving!

October Photo Challenge – Start with a T Last weekend was 'Thanksgiving' in Canada where my daughter lives. This picture was sent by her ❤ I know there is still some time for thanksgiving in America. But I'm sure that the planning n dreaming process, to be 'together' on 'thanksgiving' with our loved ones must... Continue Reading →

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