A different view each day!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine And for Which Way Challenge: April 4, 2019 Sunsets are magical - a different view each day! Have a great day!


Caught in the act!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Cityscape/Townscape Also for Tuesday Photo Challenge –A wonder for sure! Ponte Vecchio An Everlasting Symbol of Florence Built very close to the Roman crossing, the Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge, was the only bridge across the Arno in Florence until 1218. The current bridge was rebuilt after a flood in 1345. During World War II... Continue Reading →

Nature has the best of colors!

  A Photo a Week Challenge: Contrasting Colors    Colors, colors and more colors!! A splash of colors, a dash of colors, a burst of colors;  Vibrant colors! Irresistible aren’t they?? Nature has the best of colors –  Colors of the birds and bees, flowers and leaves; Spring and fall, not to forget, the rainbow of all!... Continue Reading →

A busy day – reflections!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflection A bright n  busy day - no time for reflections! But love the reflection on the building - fall at it's best! I just love the colors of fall - what about you?

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