Hanging upside down!

Pretty pink blooms hanging up side down naturally... I don't know their name, but I still love them the same! Will find out soon... Posted for FOTD – May 30

Nailed it!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Grow 😃 Growing n maintaining it for years....😍 Still Pink! Pink fever continues!

Celebrating Pink!

It's the last day of October, that means it's the finale for "Pink September Squares" Couldn't make up my mind as to which is a more befitting picture for the day! So decided to post a couple of them all revolving around the "celebration time" theme! So everything pink, bright n colorful is here - flowers,... Continue Reading →

Subtle yet bold – Way to go!

It's a Six Word Saturday! Subtle yet bold -  Way to go!  Nature inspires! A subtle pink! Found this soft, caressing bloom at the end a a tiring trek in Bhutan - actually soothed me... Every picture has a story! The flower is 'pink', 'in the pink' and i'm tickled pink'to see such a soothing bloom! A... Continue Reading →

Pink buddies!

Futuristic pink for Becky's 'September Squares' There's a lot more to this 'Little pink robot'. For more details on what it can actually help you with -  Check this out!! Worth watching!! You can customize me in many ways to suit your taste.  Please explore... The 'Robot' is 'in pink' n i'm 'tickled pink' to know that i can... Continue Reading →

Scary Pink – new version of pink!

From the land of Bhutan! A land of legends and dragons 🐉 Here handmade wooden masks, skilfully carved and painted, are found in all local markets. This scary pink mask, referred to as Tungum, is a terrifying form of an angry local deity, worn by local dancers. Traveling with an eye for #pink squares# makes... Continue Reading →

Whiskey talks!

Hi folks, I'm Whiskey - a macho Maltipoo. My pink tongue is kind of odd on me - not macho enough! But that's what gave me a chance to figure on Becky's #pink#Septembersquares# My mistress is always high on whiskey I guess, or at least that's what I thought of her, when she bought a... Continue Reading →

Nurture Gender Equality At Home!

In spite of being brought up in a not so conservative family, things like –“amma, water”,”amma, my uniform”, “amma, my shoes” or “akka, my books”, “akka, my homework!”(demands from my brother who was always pampered by his two doting sisters!) were a part of the daily routine. As if these were less to address to,... Continue Reading →

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