A basic seat!

For - PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2019-WEEK 7 At times, even a hard bench can do wonders to my weary feet n breathless soul! Walk towards fitness! Have a great weekend... Also for Friday Foto Fun – PETS

Feeling festive!

For HHY’s weekly Animals (HHYWAS)   Please include us in all your fun n celebrations....We love your company and love to party too! Merry Xmas from Xoxo n Whiskey!  

Dreaming of Xmas…

Fur-baby Friday – FBF 8 Xoxo trying to be the 'beauty'of the beauty n the beat pair! Can't wait for another month to try out my Xmas specials.... Whiskey all tangled in Xmasy thoughts... Xoxo n Whiskey need to have a first hand experience of everything that goes on at home... Countdown to Xmas begins....... Continue Reading →

Travel buddies…

Fur-baby Friday – FBF 7 That please take me along look! Xoxo n Whiskey - The disappointed duo! Clearly sad n disappointed on realizing that it's an all girl's trip n they have to stay behind! In search of Me Time!  Love me or leave me! Lollipop n ice lolly cravings…


October photo a day challenge - Bench Waiting for my master, by the bench... Oh how I hate benches! I have been diagnosed with benchophobia! Dog tales...

Love me or leave me!

Dilemma of a dog n shoe lover!!! Fur-baby Friday – FBF 6 Whiskey says, "I love these shoes too! Perfect place to hide my bone." Shoes n bones are few of my favorite things.... I'm just admiring your shoes... Cute pranks! Can be damaging at times... Hope you can relate to! Hi ! Xoxo n... Continue Reading →

Stop playing with emotions!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Play With Love to play with - Friends! Pets! Sand! Water... the list is endless!  Age no bar!  Watch more!   AVOID THE GADGET INVASION - at least in childhood!! Play! Stay Young! Live Longer... Different people have different interests - checkout what interests you! Happy playing!

Amazon # Delivering Smiles 😍

October photo a day challenge – Dog A package of joy - not delivered by Amazon! My 'Beauty' n the 'Beast' enjoying in the box delivered by Amazon! Xoxo n Whiskey - My 'beauty n the beast' as I lovingly refer them to... Aren't they super cute! Hope you luv them too...

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