It’s important to grow!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Growth Growing is a part of life. Growing positive in life should be our goal. Having a positive attitude makes this journey a lot easier... Birthdays are reminders of physical growth. It is a good idea to balance this, with more mature actions and decisions in life, to grow in a... Continue Reading →

Leaf o mania!

Photo for the Week – 19 – Leaves Trees at it’s best in fall, Before it loses them all! Leaves like flowers – More vibrant! Soon to wither, And leave the tree all bare – Until spring, in nature’s care! Have a great day! Love Nature! Believe in the power of prayer… Into the ocean…

I’m incomplete without you!

October photo a day challenge - Leaves. I'm incomplete without you, whispered the flower, To the leaves... You, for sure add color to my life - Rustled the leaves ... New young leaves,  in some plants are pinkish red and some are even more colorful at 'fall'! Enjoy the leaves at their best during fall!

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