Celebrating Pink!

It's the last day of October, that means it's the finale for "Pink September Squares" Couldn't make up my mind as to which is a more befitting picture for the day! So decided to post a couple of them all revolving around the "celebration time" theme! So everything pink, bright n colorful is here - flowers,... Continue Reading →

Subtle yet bold – Way to go!

It's a Six Word Saturday! Subtle yet bold -  Way to go!  Nature inspires! A subtle pink! Found this soft, caressing bloom at the end a a tiring trek in Bhutan - actually soothed me... Every picture has a story! The flower is 'pink', 'in the pink' and i'm tickled pink'to see such a soothing bloom! A... Continue Reading →

Pink buddies!

Futuristic pink for Becky's 'September Squares' There's a lot more to this 'Little pink robot'. For more details on what it can actually help you with -  Check this out!! Worth watching!! You can customize me in many ways to suit your taste.  Please explore... The 'Robot' is 'in pink' n i'm 'tickled pink' to know that i can... Continue Reading →

Pink Tea! – Butter tea from Bhutan.

Had this tasty 'Pink Tea' at Simply Bhutan , an interactive 'living' heritage museum. Here The 'Pink Tea' also known as 'Suja' was served in Bhutanese traditional style - loved it.   Was actually pink! Couldn't get a great capture though - was busy enjoying the yak milk "pink tea"  usually served with flattened grain crispies. Only the... Continue Reading →

Different strokes for different folks!

Pretty in pink - unusual though! The picture was clicked at a mall in Ontario, Canada last Xmas. Looks as it was specially designed for Becky's Pink September Squares 😍 The tree is 'pink', I'm 'in the pink' and 'tickled pink' too... Awaiting Xmas...

Pretty Pink Pelicans!

Becky, I am trying to find something pink in everything around 😃 Love the pink on the pelican - no edits! Picture taken at Oceanside, California this summer. The pelicans are pretty friendly I must say. They don't shy away from humans - especially at the pier at Oceanside! So pink - tickled pink -... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Bhutan!

Today I'm in Bhutan - so serene n beautiful! Rightfully called "The happy country " The above pinkish red roof tops are a characteristic feature of Bhutan making the place vibrant n colourful! They just reminded me of Becky's September squares in "pink" I was #tickled pink# with the scenic beauty and this bright roof... Continue Reading →

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