Kinda two…

Two paths, different experiences - same destination! At the Big Chute Marine Railway. Have a beautiful day! Posted for KINDASQUARES - 19 and Which Way photo challenge – October 16 2020

From the world war II…

  The Historic Bridge River Kwai – During WW II, Japan constructed the meter-gauge railway line from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbyuzayat, Burma. The line passing through the scenic Three Pagodas Pass runs for 250 miles. This is now known as the Death Railway. The railway line was meant to transport cargo daily to India, to back up their planned attack... Continue Reading →

A ladder to a cave in the mountains!

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : Chutes and Ladders Gendün Rinchen was born in a small cave by the side of the path to Paro Tagtsang. Basic wooden, weathered ladders - way to a cave on the mountains! Have a great day!  

Gilded seats!

PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2019-WEEK 17 The above two are from the museum in Cairo, Egypt - from the Pharaoh era! I personally think that's too much details on the seats... maybe they should have focused on the comfort aspect of the seat! Have a great day!  

Caught in the act!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Cityscape/Townscape Also for Tuesday Photo Challenge –A wonder for sure! Ponte Vecchio An Everlasting Symbol of Florence Built very close to the Roman crossing, the Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge, was the only bridge across the Arno in Florence until 1218. The current bridge was rebuilt after a flood in 1345. During World War II... Continue Reading →

Looking beyond…

#SpikySquares - 18 The Statue of Liberty The physical features of the Statue of Liberty carry significant meaning. The broken shackles at Liberty's feet signify a breaking away from tyranny and oppression. The seven rays on her crown stand for the seven continents; each 9 feet long and weighing as much as 150 pounds. The National Park... Continue Reading →

Travelling freely through blogs not plane!

Spikes n stripes for SpikySquares - 9  Meet the The Swiss Guards at the Vatican...  Click the links to know more... Literally spiky today! Sail through the weekend smoothly... SWS Inspired by Debbie's TRAVELLING FREELY BY BOOK NOT PLANE

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