Don’t invade our rights!

Friday Follies – S2 Ep 7 Only for women!!!  Have a great day!


Tree love!

Friday Follies Season 2 Ep 2 Life is all about taking some calculated risks!! 🤣🤣🤣 Live, laugh n love! Have a great weekend!

Laughter unlimited!

Happy to be a part of Friday Follies Season 2 Ep 1 Laugh with your dentures on or out! Who cares...🤣🤣🤣 Check out for many more -  your laughter dose @ Friday Follies Keep laughing! Stay healthy!!

In a soup!

FUN@ Friday Follies Ep 1.9 Can relate to being in a soup....but a sandwich 👀 Girl! In so many variants... Oh boy!! Have fun! Have a great weekend...

For McDonald fans!

The much awaited Friday Follies Ep 1.7 Any takers for the above! Wonder if they are actually okay with sleepy faces for the morning.... and wonder who can make it to their night shifts...    🤣🤣🤣 Avoid fast food... try home-made food! Cooking as a family is a great way to bond n connect! Lots of love... Continue Reading →

Relationship follies!

Friday Follies #profrifollies This got me thinking - Wonder where the folly is! Is it in the relationship? Is it in the design/gene of the relationship since ages? Is it a prerequisite for this relationship? Is it one of the hues of this relationship? Is this the cancer of the relationship? Do such starter kits work? ... Continue Reading →

Men will be men!

After a hectic weekend of travelling, I was feeling too lazy to do anything when I stumbled upon this! Bought a smile to my face n couldn't resist posting it. Hoping it fits in Friday Follies Tip for the day - Use your strength to overcome your weakness!  Posted for Friday follies #profrifollies

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