Always – heads, heels and standards high!

It’s a Six Word Saturday! Always keep your heads, heels and standards high! Happy weekend!

Tickled Pink! For the#InthePink# challenge….

#InthePink# Country roads take me home...County fairs...childhood memories ... At the San Diego County Fair! Childhood ravings, cravings and simple pleasures... all wrapped up in a county fair! At the fair, I'm always #inthepink# #tickledpink# and blushed #pink# Loved the challenge -  #InthePink# You can join too!  Don’t forget to keep your photo square, and to pingback... Continue Reading →

Nurture Gender Equality At Home!

In spite of being brought up in a not so conservative family, things like –“amma, water”,”amma, my uniform”, “amma, my shoes” or “akka, my books”, “akka, my homework!”(demands from my brother who was always pampered by his two doting sisters!) were a part of the daily routine. As if these were less to address to,... Continue Reading →

Gender traits – Changing trends…

  Avoid stereotyping your kids... Yesterday at the kitty party, I heard Mrs. Ahuja saying, "Can you guess what happened yesterday? I got a call from my son's school. His teacher had lost it. She holds my son responsible for all the indiscipline in the class! She also accuses him of teasing and bullying the... Continue Reading →

Helping Hands

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Yes! I firmly believe in this and would advocate the same to every parent who is in the process of grooming their children with all possible skills and especially - life skills. Grooming children... Continue Reading →

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