Coffee in brass!

a tradition back home in India... South Indian filter coffee is a coffee drink made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with the infusion obtained by percolation brewing of finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter. The drink known as Kaapi, is the South Indian phonetic rendering of "coffee". The drink is also referred to as Madras filter coffee. Have a... Continue Reading →

Temecula …

A great place to be! Coffee in  Temecula Valley Wine Country - any takers?? Coffee keeps me going until it's time for wine! Hope your day is going fine.... Sending some hugs your way 🤗🤗🤗 Have a great day! Posted for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Store Front Signs    

Catching up over coffee!

This CCD is stationed outside the Mumbai airport! It's a replica of the Mumbai auto rickshaws - the only vehicle that can  maneuver it's way through Mumbai's crawling  traffic during peak hours... Posted for  One Word Sunday - RED Tuesday Photo Challenge – Crawl and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Coffee in Chennai!   Indian filter coffee  Coffee lovers can give it a try! Posted for One Word Sunday - Golden Pink Tea! – Butter tea from Bhutan.

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