Off to a land faraway!

Of late, I often sit on these Under the clear blue skies With the wind on my face And a dream in my eyes....   Thinking of all the places I've been n seen And of the ones I want to go n see...   I drown myself In a land of fantasy Pose by... Continue Reading →


amidst dark clouds... A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves - Marcel Proust Posted for - July photo a day challenge - vanishing

Is there a right perspective?

It's all about how we percieve things in a given situation! Couldn't decide which of the two is better - I found it difficult to square the first one, but couldn't stop myself from sharing it as I managed to capture 'The CN Tower' in it from a moving car on the highway... but I... Continue Reading →

With Covid on the top of my mind…

View from the top @ Becky's  #SquareTops This is the view from my apartment which is on the 14th floor, in downtown Toronto. I have literally quarantined myself here for almost a fortnight now, obeying the law of the land. My hubby and the CN Tower are the only ones, that physically exist for me... Continue Reading →

CN Tower by night…

A lot of lights here - traffic lights, head lights, building lights, street light, hoarding lights... but the CN Tower is the highlight of this picture! For Becky's #JanuaryLight Have a bright n beautiful day!

Some iconic and not so iconic ones…

One Word Sunday - Tower   Some iconic and not so iconic ones... But each one is important in their own way! Love yourself - you are unique and important... You don't have to be a celebrity to be important! Have a great day!

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