Shopping with norms…

Stores are doing their best to follow the Covid norms and to keep their customers safe during the pandemic. Masks, sanitisation, markings on the floors plus sanitizing the fitting rooms and billing counters after every use seems to be the new norm! They also have a seperate area marked, to leave the products that we... Continue Reading →

Getting cozy!

On the walking trail... new friends! “To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” – Mary Davis. Posted for CAROL’S CHEERFUL SELFIE CHALLENGE #4

Feeling engulfed!

This is a real capture from this weekend, during my drive to Gananoque using my iphone - no filters or special effects here... felt like driving through a tunnel! Have a great day... Posted for The Cosmic Photo Challenge - Skies and a selfie of my car - CAROL’S CHEERFUL SELFIE CHALLENGE #3 IT’S NOT... Continue Reading →

This inspired me to diet!

  and to count calories and keep my weight under check through the pandemic times... “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  —Jim Rohn Have a great day! CAROL’S CHEERFUL SELFIE CHALLENGE #2

For my daughter…

Posted for - CAROL’S CHEERFUL SELFIE CHALLENGE - 1 I often click  a lot of wierd pictures which are exclusively meant for my daughter - anything unusual - be it a place I visit, a different food I taste or something different I wear! Such moments are immediately captured and shared with my daughter! Can be... Continue Reading →

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