Feathered delight!

It's always fun watching these birds... Posted for BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – SHOREBIRDS Have a great day!

Happiness is…

having a roof over your head! Kinda four! “If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world... Yes, we are the lucky ones... Be happy! Posted for KINDASQUARES - 28

Kinda guarding the vineyard…

Keeping the birds at bay! I'm kinda bird working with the wind - scaring other birds away! This bird looked so real - flying high in the wind at the vineyards! Basically doing the job of a scare crow very well... Hope you now have the answer to yesterday's Flying high! Have a great day!... Continue Reading →

Flying high!

What kinda bird... The weather added to the magic - though was not the ideal light for pictures! Hope you all are enjoying great weather today... Have a beautiful day! Posted for KINDASQUARE - 14

Birds in my backyard!

Always together! It's fun watching these gold finches! The male is bright yellow and the female always looks green to me. This is the only green bird visiting me! Another point I have noted in birds is that in most cases, the males are brightly coloured and make all possible efforts to attract the female... Continue Reading →

I have lost my head!

Many a times, domesticating can be traumatic for the birds... it's curbing their freedom! I have lost my head! The one above is extremely hazy, bad capture by my little one years ago - just sharing for the fun! Am I being followed! No pictures please... Better watchout! Enjoy your freedom! Have a beautiful day!... Continue Reading →

The gourmet food I want to try next…

Now on my bucket list! Wonder why all animals, big and small, are literally dying to eat the sunflower seeds from my bird feeder! This has left a deep craving in me - a craving for sunflower seeds! Have a great day! Posted for VJ’s Weekly Challenge #108: taste

With age comes beauty…

sounds very assuring! Spotted this on one of my drives... Found these at the San Diego zoo. Loved the placard below! The California condors were pink faced! The condors were perched very high and with the sun high on the head, couldn’t get a great capture!  The condors continue to grow pink with age! Would love... Continue Reading →

I have dealt with a sore bottom…

but a blushing one! Guess mine blushes too - must have failed too see it! 😂🤣   Have a hearty laugh and a great weekend! Posted for - BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – BLACK & WHITE and Cee’s Friday Funny Finds – Week of July 24

Pecking forever…

Posted for BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – WOODPECKERS   I had a pair of woodpeckers visiting me in early spring. This is the best capture I could get as they are generally perched very high up on the trees... I failed to entice them to my feeders! The woodpecker says -  Find your own rhythm... Continue Reading →

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