A new visitor!

Feeling cozy! Hurry up... Just after a spa - rejuvenated! Tasty! Together! A perfect pair... I can look pretty too - perfect light! Already into fall! Hurry up - poke, poke! I prefer to peck the tree! Too big to crack! https://youtu.be/Bw_QEYugl9A A new visitor! When the birds scream... https://youtu.be/En2v0ko_yXE A new visitor! The blue... Continue Reading →

Two of a kind!

These are so bright and fun to have around... The American Goldfinch - the name does more justice to the male one as the female is a lot olive in colour. Have a beautiful day! Posted for KINDASQUARE and BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – BIRDS STARTING WITH AN “A”

A closer look!

These are a few recent close ups from this season... Hoping they will keep me company through the winter too! Have a great day! Posted for BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – MACRO/CLOSE-UPS

Same, yet different…

Posted for Becky's Kindasquare - 5 Size matters! How come your tail is so long! We just can be kinda same in some aspects, but each of of us is unique! Love yourself - Have a beautiful day!

Birds in my backyard!

Are you checking me out... Mine are the shortest for sure! Run before I poke you! How come your tail is longer than mine! Hope you like the birds in my backyard! Have a great week ahead... Posted for BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – SHORT LEGGED BIRDS

Birds in my backyard!

Always together! It's fun watching these gold finches! The male is bright yellow and the female always looks green to me. This is the only green bird visiting me! Another point I have noted in birds is that in most cases, the males are brightly coloured and make all possible efforts to attract the female... Continue Reading →

A rare one…

at my feeder! I know these are not rare birds but they are visiting my feeder for the first time! Just wanted to share my excitement... So I have few more takers for my sunflower seeds! Have a beautiful day! Posted for BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE    

Life on my patio…

Birds are the most accomplished aeronauts the world has ever seen. They fly high and low, at great speed, and very slowly. And always with extraordinary precision and control.  David Attenborough The elegant pair! The most friendly male Red Cardinal! Finally it's partner has overcome fear... Not sure if this is a finch... very fidgety to... Continue Reading →

A closer look…

All in my backyard and during walks, in the lockdown period! Never actually ventured into closeups until lockdown times... I don't have a macro lens either! Just made the best of available resources... Nature is our friend - trees, squirrels, grass, fields, meadows, oceans - without people. Hike. Walk. Stroll. Bike. Swim. Be in a... Continue Reading →

Bugs, bees, birds n brats!

  Nature is our friend - trees, squirrels, grass, fields, meadows, oceans - without people. Hike. Walk. Stroll. Bike. Swim. Be in a still place and feel eternity. Have a great time. Just feel it. - Frederick Lenz I've been strictly following the above quote! Of late the carona crisis seems to be under control in Ontario.... Continue Reading →

Pecking forever…

Posted for BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – WOODPECKERS   I had a pair of woodpeckers visiting me in early spring. This is the best capture I could get as they are generally perched very high up on the trees... I failed to entice them to my feeders! The woodpecker says -  Find your own rhythm... Continue Reading →

Caged or free…

Time to liberate yourself from the shackles in your mind... “The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.” - Aung San Suu Kyi  This pretty queen - the female Red Cardinal is a rare visitor to my patio. Generally hangs out on the trees nearby waiting for food,... Continue Reading →

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