I’m in the right mood now!

Do you like my pretty crest? Good bye for now... I'll be back again to spend more time with you! Until then - Stay safe, stay happy.... Posted for May photo a day challenge - Goodbye May And for  Six Word Saturday  

Being vigilant as parents…

is a natural instinct! Let the young ones explore - just being around makes all the difference... Out on a picnic! It's the best time of the year - great to be out with family and nature... Heve a beautiful day! Posted for - May photo a day challenge - young

Candy floss…

Do you love candy floss? This succulent flower reminds me of the candy floss aka cotton candy - which is also succulent and melts in the mouth! It's my all time favourite - I know, too much of sugar! I love it everything about it but for the sugar...I love the pink, I love how... Continue Reading →

Growing old together…

Hand in hand You and me Sharing life's Ups and downs Living and loving Hating and forgiving Smelling flowers As we go... The steps grow slow Hand in hand We continue to go!   Growing old together is a beautiful feeling... Enjoy every phase of your life, have a great day! Posted for FOTD – May... Continue Reading →

A tree carving called ‘Hope’

with a wonderful story behind it ... The tree sculpture features intricate wood details carved into an Ash tree by Dorsey James -  one of Canada’s premier wood carvers.   The interesting story with mythological connection is found on the placard in the image below...   The sculpture is at the entrance of Greenwood Conservation... Continue Reading →

Haunted by Covid…

  Haunted by Covid Life like the parallel lines - Rambling side by side On similar paths Close to each other, yet apart!   The social creature in me Awaits to leap - And transform into a transversal To connect with all by my side Once the Covid creature departs!   Have a great weekend!... Continue Reading →

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