Just blues…

For July Squares Blue seats on the Nile cruise - exploring into the wide blue yonder! Have a great day...


Heard of test tube plants!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wall Well, here's a wall of test tube plants - growing different kinds of cacti! I clicked this in a mall in San Diego, California. Have a great day!

Wonder where we all would be…

V.J.’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #56: LANGUAGE How could I've met you Or even connect with - If not for the bits n bytes That caress me all day   When lonely Kept staring at you Gradually got hooked on Now addicted to!   You seem to understand me And cater to all my moods By day... Continue Reading →

A trauma for trees!

For Friday Fun – Uprooted Uprooting full grown trees for landscaping seems to be the new trend! But it sounds traumatic for me! Saw the above in my recent trip to Qatar. It's a good idea, to transplant a tree instead of cutting it down when it comes in the way of some important construction... Continue Reading →

Men in blue!

For July Squares! Beating the blues with Blue Squares! The way people connect with their phones! Make a conscious effort to connect with the people around you! Have the great day...

Standing tall!

July Squares The Dubai frame! Gold n glittering by day n night! A great experience - walking on the frame! To know more click here Have a great day!

A blue star!

July Squares Yes a blue starfish - from the aquarium in Dubai! At present I'm in Dubai shopping for blue 🙃 I mean shopping with an eye for Becky's blue squares 😂 Sorry for being late - I'm travelling this week.. Have a great day!

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