Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge: Feathered Friends Have a great day!


Enjoying the spiky aura!

Perched high up - Hope I'm spiky enough for #SpikySquares - 12 Also for - One word Sunday -  Puzzled! Who's spying on me when I'm trying to figure out this maze... Have an amazing day!

Be like a cactus!

 #SpikySquares - 10   Be like the  Cactus - Get plenty of sunshine. Accentuate your strong points. Be patient through the dry spells. Conserve your resources. Wait for your time to bloom. Stay sharp! Have a great day!

Travelling freely through blogs not plane!

Spikes n stripes for SpikySquares - 9  Meet the The Swiss Guards at the Vatican...  Click the links to know more... Literally spiky today! Sail through the weekend smoothly... SWS Inspired by Debbie's TRAVELLING FREELY BY BOOK NOT PLANE

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