A decorative one from Bhutan!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lock I bought this as a souvenir from Bhutan.  In Buddhism, the fish symbolize happiness as they have complete freedom of movement in the water. They represent fertility and abundance. Have a great weekend!


Strange cultures from Bhutan!

Overhead with a difference for  - Tuesday Photo Challenge – Overhead   The carved wooden phalluses are hung (sometimes crossed by a design of sword or dagger) outside, on the eves of the new homes, at the four corners. They believe that such a symbol brings good luck and drives away evil spirits! Was a culture... Continue Reading →

Who needs flowers…

For Sunday Stills: Mellow #Yellow when leaves can be so bright n beautiful! Life is all about accepting and adapting to change, else be the change! Have a bright n beautiful day!

As the sun goes down…

On July Squares!   "Au revoir", Auf Wiedersehen or Hasta mañana 'til we meet again on squares...  Here's a Flashback Thanks Becky for a fun filled July....looking forward to the next.... Have a great time....    

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