All from my neighbourhood!

For Bird Weekly Photo Challenge - Week #30 - Birds starting with a “C” “I don't feed the birds because they need me; I feed the birds because I need them.”- Kathi Hutton Nature is a great stressbuster! Spend time with nature. Have a beautiful day!

Upbringing matters…

It's family time! There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained. - Winston S. Churchill Family time is something I've always looked forward to, even as a child. It helps us to bond and... Continue Reading →

Looking up or down?

I'm looking up through my lens at the horseman secured in stirrups! If shoes could speak, they would tell, how many voices were trampled beneath! – Sripada “Your soul may be trampled in times of troubles. But if your spirit is strong, you will survive.” –  Lailah Gifty Akita Be of strong spirit! Have a great... Continue Reading →

Standing upright!

in sun, storm and snow... “All people are standing; you got to standout! All people are breaking grounds; you got to breakthrough grounds! Don't settle for less; rise up and stand tall in what you do!”- Israelmore Ayivor Have a wonderful day! Posted for SQUAREUP - 4

Perched up out there…

Waiting for that weak moment when we err! Don't let the satan get the upperhand... Stay strong. “Don’t let the enemy try to keep you bound with fear. The devil is a liar. Stay in faith and trust the process. Be still, God has a plan!” -  Germany Kent Have a lovely weekend! Posted for... Continue Reading →

Work in progress…

Finally the tree is up! And decorating it will continue till Xmas... We are happy to have safely reached the festive season of this pandemic year! We are thankful to God for all the blessings along the way... It's heartwarming to know that the covid vaccine is around the corner in record time! Just happy... Continue Reading →

Connecting countries…

cultures, cuisines, trade... and most importantly people! That's the way to go... The international bridge at The Thousand Islands, Gananoque. “Bridges symbolize change and flexibility! They show us this simple philosophy: When you are on one side, you can easily move to the other side!” - Mehmet Murat ildan Have a beautiful day! Posted for... Continue Reading →

Life n death…

Sun or shade Light or darkness Dried or green Coloured or discoloured Bright or subdued Hope or despair Life or death? What do you see in the picture... I see the promise of 'Life' in this picture! “The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways, I to die, and you to... Continue Reading →

Nature cares n protects…

Camouflage, also called cryptic coloration, is a defense or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance, usually to blend in with their surroundings. Camouflage enables an animal to remain hidden from view thus safe from predators! It's ok to hide from others but don't hide from yourself! Stay safe... Have a beautiful weekend! Posted for Friday Fun – hiding

Just you n me…

It's time to take a break To strenghten family ties Connect more with the one by your side Versus chatting across the miles! Busy emoting on facebook We fail to read the emotions on the face Our tweets deafen us To the tweets in our backyard! A break from socializing, malls n crowds To explore... Continue Reading →

An escape from the busyness!

At Muskoka - with nature! Silence is essential for deep transformation. It allows the practice of conscious breathing to become deep and effective. Like still water that reflects things as they are, the calming silence helps us to see things more clearly, and therefore, to be in deeper contact with ourselves and those around us.... Continue Reading →

Vroom, vroom… It’s kinda bye!

Until we meet again on squares... Kinda different! In 2020, amidst the pandemic, when nothing was normal - squares felt kinda good as always. Thanks Becky for being a wonderful host! Best wishes for a great year ahead... Love to all out here! Stay safe, stay sane n happy! Posted for KINDASQUARE - 31 and... Continue Reading →

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