Enjoy the warmth of crackling fire…

A Photo a Week Challenge: Fire and Six Word Saturday Love the drama the advertisement  behind adds to these warm seats! Enjoy basking in the sun or baking in the heat depending on where you are... Have a great day!


Let peace prevail over the spikiness!

#SpikySquare - 31 And for Six Word Saturday The transit hub forms part of the major redevelopment of the World Trade Center site in Downtown Manhattan, which was devastated in the 9/11 terrorist attacks of 2001. The buildings are arranged around a memorial to those who died in the attacks, which comprises two giant square waterfalls... Continue Reading →

All natural but for the straw!

#SpikySquares - 16 Natural bamboo cups, pineapple slices with spiky skin, cocktail umbrellas and straws - all colorful n spiky!! Killing us slowly, one straw at a time!! Our precious oceans and the wildlife within need urgent protection from the devastation throw-away plastic items can cause.The small plastic straw that we use with most of the beverages... Continue Reading →

Travelling freely through blogs not plane!

Spikes n stripes for SpikySquares - 9  Meet the The Swiss Guards at the Vatican...  Click the links to know more... Literally spiky today! Sail through the weekend smoothly... SWS Inspired by Debbie's TRAVELLING FREELY BY BOOK NOT PLANE

Don’t let others dampen your spirits…

Glowing bright on a frozen morning!  Stand tall and glow bright like the lamp, irrespective of the situations and people around you! Don't let others dampen your spirits... Have a bright n beautiful day! Posted as part of Six Word Saturday And Mono-Monday

When lights take over the night!

When lights, trick the night At times, all too bright! Leaves a  comfort, parallel to the day - Gridirons of lights on towers tall, And on scrapers, scraping through the night!   Posted for - Six Word Saturday One word Sunday - Night Comfortable and Cozy Tricky  

Hmm…life is like a cactus!

Life is like a cactus - thorny yet beautiful!  Soak up the sun, stay sharp, be patient in dry spells, stand tall & blossom bright... Have a bright weekend! Inspired by Debbie's - THOUSAND SUNS AND A BLUE SKY Posted for -  #SixWordSaturday 

All I need is a pedicure!

It's a Six Word Saturday Before I flaunt my pretty feet! A pedicure is good for your sole n soul as well! It's important to - Relax, Refresh, Renew and Rejuvenate! Have a great weekend!

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