Seat on a high pedestal and a humbling one!

What a paradox here! I wouldn't be comfortable on a seat like that with someone at my feet trying to shine my shoes... Found this at Bombay Balti, Doha Have a blessed day! Posted for PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2020-WEEK 19

Pool by the ocean!

Imagine lazing out here by the pool or the sea! Found this wonderful place at Goa, India. And to top it up, how about a bar by the pool? Posted for SUNSHINE’S REFLECTIONS #2 A Photo a Week Challenge: Summer Vacation 2020 And PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2020-WEEK 18 Have a great day!  

Missing all the adventure…

during lockdown times... but I guess it's worth the wait! For PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2020-WEEK 18 Relive old memories... Watch family albums - traditional or digital with your loved ones. A great way to spend the day... Have a great weekend!

Into the wilderness…

Top seat for #SquareTops A little scary to begin with...elephant rides @ Bangkok. Also for PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2020-WEEK 16 and Which Way photo challenge – April 17 2020 Have a great day your way!

Only God can bail us out!

Dealing with Covid - a "top concern" @#SquareTops  A cross, bells and an antenna too! All on the top for Becky and Cee! Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Double letters  The bells above, caught my eye as I was waiting for my turn to enter the store to catchup with my grocery shopping! Shopping... Continue Reading →

Feels great to be on the top!

On the top seat #SquareTops   “I spent my whole childhood wishing I were older and now I'm spending my adulthood wishing I were younger.”  And life goes on... Make the best of every day! Also a part of Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything with a Motor or Engine And PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO... Continue Reading →

Topless in winter…

For Becky's #SquareTops  For Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hope With tree tops bare Cold n Covid we dare Living in hope The only way to cope   Life is so unfair Towards people we care Lockdown we shall bear To show that we care!   Stay Home Stay Safe... Trees awaiting spring @ Ontario for... Continue Reading →

A tree of lights!

For Becky's #JanuaryLight Some decorative lights, focus lights, ceiling lights, backlights, neon sign lights...   And a lot of seats too for PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2020-WEEK 2 Have a great day!

For chess lovers!

For PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2019-WEEK 48 Found these during my recent trip to Goa at The Taj Holiday Village Resort. Playing some sport or game is important for all of us as it reduces stress and enhances our mood. It builds healthy bones and muscles, increases fitness, improves sleep, helps us socialize,... Continue Reading →

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