From the yester years…

Photo for the Week – 26 – From the Kitchen Some gadgets of the yester years - pictures from Bhutan. These are still in use in some villages. Today science n technology has made our lives a lot easier. I'm happy n thankful, to be a lot luckier than many others in this world. Be... Continue Reading →


Just basics!

Photo for the Week – 25- Chimneys and Fireplaces A simple opening, just above the cooking area, serves as a chimney in many rural areas even today in this tech loaded 21st century! We should always remember to thank God, for making us a lot more fortunate than many others in this world! Have a... Continue Reading →

Roses from Kashmir!

Some pretty n perfect, others wild n wonderful... All these roses just grow wild in the Kashmir valley. Was lucky to live them while my hubby was posted there. Roses a perfect gift for all. And YSL Paris Eau de Parfum is one of my favorites for the rose notes in it. Have a great day... Continue Reading →

The intruder!

Photo for the Week – 23 – Birds The birds seem to be planning on how to tackle the n let live seems to be the best way out! Let's live in harmony ...

Through the woods…

Which Way Challenge: December 13, 2018 Photo for the Week – 21 – Trees   Without the trees, I don’t think this picture or the place would be nice … Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique beauty. Keep growing.... Continue Reading →

Leaf o mania!

Photo for the Week – 19 – Leaves Trees at it’s best in fall, Before it loses them all! Leaves like flowers – More vibrant! Soon to wither, And leave the tree all bare – Until spring, in nature’s care! Have a great day! Love Nature! Believe in the power of prayer… Into the ocean…

Footprints on the sands of time…

Photo for the Week – 16 – Sepia The original picture - naturally in sepia tones! This lonely tree standing tall and straight, braving the beach breeze caught my eye at Carlsbad beach. “Standing alone doesn’t mean I am alone. It means I’m strong enough to handle things all by myself.” - unknown  Be strong... Continue Reading →

See the sea lions by the sea!

Photo for the Week – 15 – Paths It's a steep, slippery way to see the seals n the sea lions by the sea at La Jolla Cove,at San Diego. Beautiful place - worth visiting! Don't forget to say 'Hi' to the sea lions 😃

Continuing the legacy…

Photo for the Week – 13 – Columns Columns of 'The Punakha Dzong' built in 1637-38 in Bhutan. Colorful carved columns of  wood. Similar columns seen in the present day columns - legacy continued! Pictures below are taken at 'The Paro airport', Bhutan. Love  the colorful columns! Have a bright n colorful week!

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