Such a feelin’s comin’ over me – being quarantined!

Do walk, jog or run on regular basis during the lockdown time, I'm sure you can do better than me! Follow the social distancing norms! Nature is a great stress buster... Inspired by Becky's On Top of the World  #SquareTops I just managed to avoid a head on clash with this Mr Buffalo during one of... Continue Reading →

With Covid on the top of my mind…

View from the top @ Becky's  #SquareTops This is the view from my apartment which is on the 14th floor, in downtown Toronto. I have literally quarantined myself here for almost a fortnight now, obeying the law of the land. My hubby and the CN Tower are the only ones, that physically exist for me... Continue Reading →

When you hear the pilot say…

it's a clear, bright and warm day at Toronto and alight to a view like this.... Actually, I've been busy with the relocating process and haven't been able to blog regularly! My sincere apologies for that and hoping to catch up soon... My hubby's job has bought us to this beautiful city of Toronto. The... Continue Reading →

Trapped lights!

With sealed lights, why not some trapped lights 😍😂🤣 Neon light, focus lights, day light and a lot of indoor lights trapped within the glass walls... for #JanuaryLights! Have a bright and beautiful day!

Snow clad n beautiful!

Street lights, head lights, tail lights, scattered lights, diffused lights, reflective light and a lot of feather light snowflakes! Just for Becky's #JanuaryLight. Also for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter Scenes #ThursdayTreeLove  And Which Way photo challenge Have a great day your way!

CN Tower by night…

A lot of lights here - traffic lights, head lights, building lights, street light, hoarding lights... but the CN Tower is the highlight of this picture! For Becky's #JanuaryLight Have a bright n beautiful day!

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