As winter sets in…

Keeping the extreme winter to follow in mind, I moved my potted roses indoors… hoping they will continue to blossom! But my roses ae turning dry and crispy! Guess the humidity indoors is a lot less – imagine the gradual impact on our skin and body that we fail to see! Oh no – wrinkles on the way!!

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”- W. H. Auden

Time to act – Drink enough water and fluids in the winter months. Stay hydrated and healthy! Stay fit, happy and healthy!

Posted for – FOTD – November 11

5 thoughts on “As winter sets in…

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  1. ha ha wrinkles are our lines of wisdom, they say “we have survived much”!

    I am blessed to be able to open or close windows and doors and don’t use the reverse cycle aircon 🙂 but I still have wrinkles, damn 🙂


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