A new visitor!

Feeling cozy!
Hurry up…
Just after a spa – rejuvenated!
A perfect pair…
I can look pretty too – perfect light!
Already into fall!
Hurry up – poke, poke!
I prefer to peck the tree!
Too big to crack!
A new visitor!

When the birds scream…

A new visitor!

The blue jays alerting me of a predator! Just managed to capture on my mobile… There is live drama the whole day in my backyard – great company!

Have a wonderful day…


21 thoughts on “A new visitor!

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    1. True, thank you 😊 on my mobile reader I’m not able to see my full post… only one video and header image seen! Actually there are many pics in the post – are you able to see please? Wonder what this new problem is… thank you 😊


    1. I can relate to what you are saying… It happens with me too! At times I leave the door open and wait for them – that’s when I manage to get these shots 😃 won’t be possible in winter 🥶 thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 🤗

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  1. What gorgeous birds you have this week in your yard. Seems like there is never a dull moment and what a racket that eagle was making. Juvenile that probably had just fledged and got a little too far from the nest and wasn’t quite ready. That was definitely not a lot of confidence there! I thought it was a hawk at first. Thanks for the entertainment! 🙂

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