Birds in my backyard!

Always together!

It’s fun watching these gold finches! The male is bright yellow and the female always looks green to me. This is the only green bird visiting me!

Another point I have noted in birds is that in most cases, the males are brightly coloured and make all possible efforts to attract the female ones… but is vice versa in the human species where the females put in all the effort to look good at all times while the males…😐🤣 Sorry, no offence here, just an observation!

Have a hearty laugh and a great day!


14 thoughts on “Birds in my backyard!

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  1. Yes, the female has an olive tint to their wings. And YES….the roles are reverse in the bird world where males are pretty! LOL! However, in the predator birds like eagles and osprey, the females are larger than their male partner. 🙂

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