Fully bloomed!

Addicted to this beauty… a ball of colours!

After the rain…

This is on my patio – it catches my eye every time I enter my kitchen – looks like a ball from far! Obsessed by it’s beauty…

As a bud here and just blooming!

Every flower blooms in its own time! Everything in life happens when it is supposed to happen, give it time… pinterest

Have a beautiful day!

Posted for FOTD – September 11 

23 thoughts on “Fully bloomed!

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  1. I am nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award. I did these on my last blog, and know not every one does awards. So I chose you because you’re inspiring. If you don’t or not a big deal. I didn’t even follow the directions as precise as I was asked. A lot going on. You can see it on my page. Blessings 💜

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