I have lost my head!

Many a times, domesticating can be traumatic for the birds… it’s curbing their freedom!

I have lost my head!

The one above is extremely hazy, bad capture by my little one years ago – just sharing for the fun!

Am I being followed! No pictures please…
Better watchout!

Enjoy your freedom! Have a beautiful day!


10 thoughts on “I have lost my head!

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  1. This is a great post! Again, your humor is wonderful…but we got a hint of your serious side this week! For some birds, being in captivity is a hardship. Some birds are injured beyond being able to fend for themselves in the wild and it is a necessity. I have to believe that those who have them in cages, take great care of them & give them as much freedom as they can stand. Falconers will train their birds to be free and hunt, but to come back to them. That is fascinating to me! 🙂

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