Off to Heart Island…

Love the name! Heart Island is home to Boldt Castle, which is open to the public as a tourist attraction.The island is one of the most prominent within the Thousand Islands archipelago, which stretches from New York State to Canada.

Boldt Castle – Heart Island.
On a cruise from Gananoque to Heart Island.

This weekend was full of fun and smiles – went cruising with some friends. A beautiful scenic drive to Gananoque followed by a cruise to the Thousand Islands (for which way) was indeed a memorable trip of the season! Treaded through the international borders and captured memories to last a lifetime… It was definitely – Water, water everywhere! Even a thousand posts can’t do justice to all that my eyes witnessed and what the heart cherished!

For Friday Fun – This weekend ‘orange’ was all about my dress which my friends envied 😜 Jokes apart, orange, over the years has tuned my brain to stop, see and soak in! I do it each day – reluctantly at the traffic signals… and with a child’s delight at sunsets! Love the uniqueness of the orange sunsets each day – as if the sun is striving to improve and outdo itself everyday!

Have a beautiful day!

Also for – September photo a day challenge – Castle

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  1. Sounds great. As a kid I used to spend a week every year on a small lake just north of Gananoque. I went back a few items as an adult, but the owners have since torn down the cottage where we stayed. It is a very pretty area 🙂 Glad you had a good time.

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    1. Awe, thank you so much 😃 Yes, was a lovely trip, place and weather too! One of those perfect days! We are standing at the bow – it was a two deck boat cruise 🚢 can carry about a 100 people I guess…


      1. That’s a lot of people together in these Covid times. No worries with that? We’re going on a boat trip on the Guadiana today, on a much smaller boat – maybe 20 or so, and aren’t sure if we’ll have to wear masks. I hope not but we do on the ferries. 😦

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        1. It’s a vessel which can accommodate about a 100 plus but as of now the tours are operating with covid restrictions – so we were about 50 spread over three decks, felt safe enough… while sitting in enclosed places masks were on but we could spend mask free times… have a great trip 🤗


        1. Good question 😃 only when it’s a planned fun trip I try to ensure he wears something to go with mine, if has a similar one – not that I go out shopping for one 🙃 he just wears it as it is the easy way out without upsetting me 😂🤣

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