When in love…

You don’t need a reason to smile!

This is my first post using the new block editor!!! ( a reason to smile if I can successfully post this!) If there is any problem in the layout etc please excuse and let me know in the comments… Thanks!

 30th August was my hubby’s birthday! We went wine tasting and spent the morning at the vineyard… The weather was just perfect which added to the beauty of the place! We had some cake and dinner with my daughter who visited us. 

I bought the cake and personalised it with a heart and his name!

On the whole, it was a great weekend and celebrating a birthday has many reasons to smile! 

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Posted for The Weekly Smile for the 31st of August, 2020

19 thoughts on “When in love…

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  1. You survived the block editor so that alone deserves a huge smile. I’m picky about spacing so used the html edit feature often but it’s harder to use in the new editor so that made me cranky about this new tool. I haven’t found d a benefit to the new editor yet and have spent most of my writing time trying to preserve what I used to know how to do. I hope you fi d an easier path than I did. Smiling is always preferred.

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    1. Yes, I find the new editor time consuming and not very user friendly – maybe I addicted to the previous one 😐 weaning will take time… thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 😊😊


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