Strangling dogs!!

Cynanchum rossicum or Dog-strangling Vine as it is called, is an invasive species of plant! It is a member of the milkweed family.

IMG_0448 a


Dog-strangling vine prefers open sunny areas, but can grow well in light shade. It grows aggressively up to two metres high by wrapping itself around trees and other plants, or trailing along the ground. Dense patches of the vine can “strangle” plants and small trees.

DSV forms dense stands that overwhelm and crowd out native plants and young trees, preventing forest regeneration. Dog-strangling vine is a restricted species under the Ontario Invasive Species Act. It is illegal to import, deposit, release, breed/grow, buy, sell, lease or trade this invasive species in Ontario.

Nothing in particular impacting dogs, wonder how it got it’s name… Have a great week!

Posted for FOTD – August 9

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