Literally water,water everywhere!

An evening at Port Whitby –  a heritage site!


It was heartwarming to see the people out in groups, enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of their family and friends – almost all picnic tables were full!


People have started using the benches at the public places…


Not too much of social distanciing – a reason to worry!


Making the best of the season!


Fully equipped fishing…


And when the clouds threatened, I started to head to my car… And soon, the skies opened up and  it poured out! So literally water, water everywhere!

Living a normal life, with the wind on my hair and raindrops on my cheeks are a great reason to smile these days, post pandemic!

Hope life is normal, for all out here… Have a great week!

Posted for The Weekly Smile for the Third of August, 2020

Weighed Down — Water Water Everywhere #39

August photo a day challenge – water



18 thoughts on “Literally water,water everywhere!

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  1. Sounds like a great day out, despite the rain. I grew up on Lake Erie – it is odd how looking at the photos I knew it was a great lake instead of the ocean almost instantly. I hope you get to have another excursion like this soon 🙂

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    1. Oh yes! Had a great time… the rain clouds followed by the rains added magic n a drastic dip in the temperature. I must say you have great observation skills! I can do with this magnificent lake until we can actually travel to the ocean! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 😊

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