Bugs, bees, birds n brats!


IMG_0090 a
Even a fly got my time – looks pretty!
IMG_0134 a
A dancing lady bug – haven’t seen one before…
IMG_0002 a
Chasing squirrels can be fun…
imagined being liberated from the carona crisis!
These appeared like frost to me on a bright sunny day…
IMG-0927 a
started seeing beauty in buds…
IMG_3620 y
Admiring the companionship in birds…
IMG_3604 y
Always together!
IMG_3457 blue
The pretty one – a regular visitor
Having trust issues – trying to sneak in…
The happy confident one – a regular visitor
IMG-0606 a
Love the symmetry here!
The thief attitude!

Nature is our friend – trees, squirrels, grass, fields, meadows, oceans – without people. Hike. Walk. Stroll. Bike. Swim. Be in a still place and feel eternity. Have a great time. Just feel it. – Frederick Lenz

I’ve been strictly following the above quote! Of late the carona crisis seems to be under control in Ontario. So we decided to avoid non essential travels and stay home to help flatten the curve…

In the process of doing so I have befriended all the living creatures that visit my patio! I have done a complete behaviour analysis of each one of them…These were the only reason to smile during the last week along with the covid under control news adding to our happiness!

Posted for – The Weekly Smile for 7/27/2020


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