I have dealt with a sore bottom…

Mirror, mirror on the floor, who is the fairest of them all?
IMG_2019 b
Wanna try my one foot feat!
Covid blues – I’m badly in need of a pedicure!
UIMJ9725 c
Smoking blues! My throat is all sore…
IMG_1217 b
My bottom blushes too!

but a blushing one! Guess mine blushes too – must have failed too see it! 😂🤣


Have a hearty laugh and a great weekend!


and Cee’s Friday Funny Finds – Week of July 24

11 thoughts on “I have dealt with a sore bottom…

Add yours

  1. Love your humor with theses today! Very nice application of color. Somebody needs to tell that pelican that even vaping is bad for you. I know my dog thinks exactly what your meme says. 😂 💜

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  2. Ha! Funny – great photos also. And I think the memes you shared are true – at least the cat one. At first ours seemed happy and then after a few days one of ours literally asked to go in the walk-in closet and spent most of the day there – he was tired of there always being humans in every room.

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