Pretty or prickly?

What’s your perspective on the cactus here? How close to the water are they – a feet or two… ? IMG_1966a

Advice from a Cactus
  • Get plenty of sunshine.
  • Accentuate your strong points.
  • Be patient through the dry spells.
  • Conserve your resources.
  • Don’t desert your friends.
  • Wait for your time to bloom.
  • Stay sharp!

Have a bright n beautiful day!


16 thoughts on “Pretty or prickly?

Add yours

  1. I think the cactus is quite far away from the sea. Interesting, but for me it looks like the image was taken from above, from a hill or something. Both cute and prickly! 😁 Wish you a great Friday from Malta! 🌞

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