A drive through Port Hope!

To Laveanne Lavender fields… An impetuous decision during covid times – to beat the blues! It was about an hour’s drive from our place. The drive was very scenic and I loved the name Port Hope! Left me with a a great feeling of Hope…

The farm people were very sensitive to  covid related issues. They restricted the number of people in the fields by ensuring peolpe book in advance, slot wise.

On the whole, it was a stress free, happy experience! Felt like five, hiding between the pretty purple blooms and creating memories for a lifetime!

Returned home with a spring in my step, a smile on my face and joy in my heart!

I also hosted dinner for few of our friends on my patio – the first post easing of lockdown! A weekend well spent!

Posted for – The Weekly Smile for July 6, 2020 #weeklysmile

Which Way photo challenge – July 3 2020


25 thoughts on “A drive through Port Hope!

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  1. Port Hope is lovely. I’ve cycled through there three times now. It’s almost time to make it four. It’ll take a little bit of time, though. With COVID happening I won’t be doing it on the way to Montreal. Instead I’ll likely do it as part of reaching another goal of mine – a 200+ km bike ride in a single day.

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  2. Hi, I’m visiting from Trent’s Weekly Smile. This looks exactly like the kind of day I would enjoy right now; peaceful and relaxing. Is Port Hope in Canada or the US. Is there a name for the farm. Sorry to be so nosey, it’s just that I like to PIN posts like this for future reference. Thanks,Suzanne

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