Strictly by the label…

Only nyjer seeds for me!

No pictures please!!


                           Well, now I’m full and ready to pose…

I’ve a lot of song birds in my backyard which keep me company on most days… So when Lisa anounced the bird weekly photo challenge, I was happy to share some glimpses of the birds in my backyard over here… But soon I realised that, the following week only yellow birds are invited! And I had no yellow visitors…

I checked with Mr Google as to what attracts yellow birds… Nyjer seeds are a favourite of the yellow finches was the answer!

So the next day, nyjer seeds adorned my bird feeder! And I couldn’t believe my eyes when this yellow bird walked in… no actually flew in! Guess this is the American goldfinch! Quickly I managed  to click a few not so perfect shots… but it left me thinking if these birds actually follow, a strict diet as per the labels on the bird feed…😂

Now I find them hanging out on the trees in the backyard and sneaking in to eat when I’m not around…

b9 a
With a tinge of yellow…

Have a beautiful day!



7 thoughts on “Strictly by the label…

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  1. This is fantastic! Just like that! You have new birds to enjoy in your backyard. I’m so happy for you! 😁 The photos are great! I wished we had them more than a few weeks out of the year.

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    1. Yes, I am so happy to have the golden finch around! Though it’s not as friendly as the red cardinals or blue jays… guess they’ll take some time… but they have such vibrant colours…😃 thank you 😊

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      1. I think they will get less skittish when they get to know you. Same thing happened with our Carolina Wrens. Once they knew we gave them meal worms and we wouldn’t hurt them, we were able to get close to them without them freaking out. 😊

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