I’m being shunned!

Not a great feeling… Empty parks and benches are a reminder, that we are not yet totally safe from the recent pandemic! As we walk around, they seem to be reminding us to do our part or face isolation…

It’s important to exercise caution as we enjoy our time with nature, with the relaxed norms…

Have a safe weekend!


14 thoughts on “I’m being shunned!

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  1. Case numbers are going down which is such a good thing. And with it I’m seeing more and more people in the parks here. In fact, I’d say that there are now *more* people in the parks than this time last year. It is both lovely to see so many other humans but also a little worrisome. Hopefully we don’t get another spike as a result.

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    1. Yes, we can’t afford another spike and lockdown again! Here, in the neighbourhood parks, all play area and seats are out of bounds… only allowed to walk, jog, play or skate… It’s good to exert caution and be safe. Yes it’s nice to see people out n having some fun but good to stick to some safety norms… Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 😊

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      1. Sounds like we’re in the same situation. Playgrounds and the like are closed, but parks are open. I think it’s good for all our mental health to get out. Mostly I’m seeing small groups staying apart from each other so hopefully that’ continues.

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  2. Yes true. My country Philippines covid-19 case is rising as well. No place is safe yet unless there is a vaccine. But for now, we need to be extra careful and safety measures shall always be in place.

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