What’s the menu for lunch today?

I’m so thrilled to have these beautiful feathered friends over… I’m still trying to figure out their likes n dislikes… Guess these are the Blue Jay’s!

IMG_1733 a
What’s for lunch…
Hope something interesting…
Checking out both options!

Last week we had the Red Cardinals visiting! Now they visit my backyard on daily basis a number of times… It’s real fun to watch them!

Have a great weekend!

Posted for Six Word Saturday

and  2020 HOME PHOTO CHALLENGE 6-6-20


13 thoughts on “What’s the menu for lunch today?

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  1. These are beautiful photos. I love the birds in my back yard. Our bluejays love sunflower seeds, but they tend to be kind of hoggish. The cardinals tend to be a little less finicky and they are certainly better behaved birds. Do you have a pair in the yard?

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