Feeling high at High Park!

A bright n beautiful day inspired me to explore the city. And High Park at Toronto was our destination! It was a forty minute drive from our place – and Mr Google declared, ‘you have arrived’. To our disappointment all gates leading to the parking were closed for vehicles, basically to keep the crowd away keeping Covid in mind… With great difficulty we managed to park in the vicinity and walked to the park!

As always, a flight a stairs awaited me but there was an alternate route too… I was surprised to see the amount of people gathered there – the young and the not so young!

Many on their bikes, some fying kites, some fishing while others just lazing out!

I walked leisurely, soaking in all I could and decided to enjoy the moment!

I realised, in the last few months, I have been so deprived of the company of people that I was happy to see them and just exchange smiles…  And for once I wanted the people in most of my pictures – as a proof to normal life!

Little did I know that a surprise awaited me.  The ‘Cherry Blossoms’ were waiting for me! There were a few trees still in full bloom – The Sakura Cherry Blossoms! It was an out of the world experience  – such a perfect shade of pink! The pictures don’t do enough justice as it was a very bright day! And I captured the moment in a frame – me with the cherry blossoms!

The day ended on a good note – felt positively charged seeing life return to normalcy…

Have a great day!


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