Going back in time…

The top of the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica has two clocks and show different time!  The left clock shows Rome time, the one of the right shows European mean time.

Another amazing fact seen here –  These clocks literally take us back in time when the Roman numerals can be seen in their older version – when 4 was written as IIII and not IV as it is today! 

dscn2248dscn2252 (1)dscn2253


“Photographs are only able to speak in the past tense.”

– Ryūji Miyamoto, photographer, b. 1947

Thanks for going back in time with me today for Debbie’s – weekly quotation-inspired image

Have a blessed day!

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    1. Oh just random clicks from an amateur a decade ago 😃 Was happy to see the evolution of Roman numerals, the same can be seen engraved on the stone walls of the colosseum also… thank you for sharing your thoughts 😊

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