Candy floss…

flower bb

Do you love candy floss? This succulent flower reminds me of the candy floss aka cotton candy – which is also succulent and melts in the mouth! It’s my all time favourite – I know, too much of sugar! I love it everything about it but for the sugar…I love the pink, I love how it melts in my mouth and above all, I have some sweet memories attached to it… yes, yes – we all have relished it as a child, but I couldn’t stop myself from indulging on  this, on my honeymoon too! Oh the child in me…

Always keep the child in you alive! Cherish memories… Have a great day!

Posted for May photo a day challenge – Fluffy

8 thoughts on “Candy floss…

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  1. I don’t think I have ever heard Cotton Candy called Candy Floss. It is a perfect name though. When I was teaching high school we had a field day celebration at the beginning of the school year. A few of my closest teacher friends and I always loved to work the cotton candy machine. By the end of the day we were sticky, head to toe and I know I was have sugar highs and crashes on and off for the rest of the day!

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    1. According to google, cotton candy is American and candy floss is European… I’m a teacher too so I can relate to what you are saying 🙃 the variety of things we do as a teacher… thank you for sharing your thoughts 🤗

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